Battle of Franklin Trust offers  exclusive Tennessee campaign ticket

FRANKLIN, Tenn.- The Battle of Franklin Trust is now offering a $40 Tennessee Campaign ticket, allowing visitors guided house tours at three of Tennessee’s historic landmarks – Carter House, Carnton and Rippavilla. Tickets have no expiration date, are transferrable and must be purchased at one of the three locations.

Battle of Franklin Trust CEO Eric A. Jacobson said, “At Rippavilla, we are excited to have the opportunity to tell the stories of the Cheairs family, the enslaved, the Battle of Spring Hill, and Reconstruction in a thorough and detailed fashion.”

In addition, The Battle of Franklin Trust is offering a $10 Rippavilla Classic House Tour promotion through June 30.

Jacobson added, “There is no doubt that what happened at Rippavilla and on the Spring Hill battlefield on Nov. 29 is absolutely crucial to understanding why there was a Battle of Franklin on Nov. 30, 1864. We look forward to telling the countless stories which have been long forgotten and often misunderstood.”

Rippavilla is owned and has been supported by the City of Spring Hill since 2017. It was opened to the public in the late 1990s.

The Battle of Franklin Trust sites are open to the public seven days a week.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit