There is something unique about family harmony. It is instinctive in nature. It is a God given gift that cannot be duplicated.

I was first introduced to a marvelous musical family a few years ago.

The introduction was not made formally, but rather through their perfect pitch harmony and unique blend of musical talents utilizing the harp, fiddle, mandolin, bass, guitar, and banjo.

I was walking with a few of my fellow living historians at the Battle of Aiken when I first felt the touch of angels’ voices upon my ears.

I was drawn like a butterfly to the light to where they were playing.

Their exclusive interpretations of Celtic, Bluegrass, Gospel, and Civil War Period music is distinctive and I dare say, one of a kind.

Combine that with God given talent and you have the perfect musical expression.

As I listened to their three-part and sometimes four-part harmony, I was taken back to the days in which I played music and the euphoria of playing.

But my poor talents paled in comparison to this multi-talented family known as the Band Jubilee.

Their interpretations of classic period songs was astonishing, but I believe their originals will become their legacy.

Their song entitled, We’ll Be Alright’” is salve for the soul. I thought to myself, if the music can be so touching here on earth, I can only imagine what it will be like in heaven.

The band is made up of the Buggay family. Candace is the mother and is an accomplished pianist who plays the bass for her children.

Her voice is rich and full, adding another dimension to their personalized style.

Judah is a multi-gifted musician on the guitar and banjo in his own right.

He has a strong baritone voice and also sings harmonic bass with his mother and siblings.

Georgia and Johanna are his twin sisters whose natural blended harmonies, range, and perfect pitch will mesmerize anyone who listens. Miss Georgia is proficient on the harp and fiddle.

Miss Joanna plays the mandolin and amazes all who hear her with her speed and agility in playing. She also plays the fiddle. But it is that mother, daughters, and son harmony that is spellbinding.

As I watched and listened to them play, my soul soared with the eagle.

The music was fantastic but their stage presence of humility and love of God, Country, and the simplistic joy of giving away their talents so others could enjoy made me a lifetime fan. The Band Jubilee is a force to be reconned with and once you hear them, you too will be touched by the voices/music of heavenly harmony. For booking information, go to the following link: Jubilee - Music (