Sons of Confederate Veterans Opposes Flag Removal From Seal

FRANKLIN, TENN. (AP) — The Tennessee Division of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans says it is taking legal action to prevent Williamson County from removing the Confederate flag from its county seal, The Williamson Herald reported.

The County Commission voted in September to request permission from the Tennessee Historical Commission to remove the flag from the upper-left quadrant of the seal, which was adopted in 1968. That decision came after months of discussion and the appointment of a task force that unanimously recommended removal.

The Historical Commission must vote two-thirds in favor of removal before the county can take any action. Meanwhile, the state division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans announced on Dec. 29 that its attorneys will intervene with the Commission in favor of keeping the seal as is.

Joey Nolan, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Tennessee Division, said he has received “hundreds of calls and emails from residents who are furious” about the county’s decision to seek removal of the flag from the seal. He is proposing a referendum on the issue.

“The mayor has told our representatives that there was no legal way to hold a referendum, but we question that opinion and would like verification from the state attorney general,” Nolan said.