A different kind of impression

Rich Garcia, left, and Tamathy Page in character.

The Civil War from other perspectives

Our impression is of Tejano (Texan of Mexican heritage) confederate soldier who meets a Tennessee farm girl.

The development of this impression for re-enactment and living history events are to highlight the Tejano confederate soldier and Hispanics soldiers who served proudly in the greatest army ever assembled. My great-great-grandfather was a Tejano Confederate Soldier who served in the 8th Texas Infantry and 33rd Texas Cavalry-Colonel Santos Benevides Regiment. The ancestors of my best friend, Tamathy, served in the 46th Tennessee Infantry. Our living history impression is to educate the public that Hispanic confederate soldiers fought in all major battles in the war of northern aggression.

-Rich Garcia,, who portrays Gen. Robert H. Hatton, SCV Camp 723, Lebanon, Tennessee; Tamathy Page, Order of Confederate Rose 24, Lebanon, Tennessee.