Zoar, Ohio seeking reenactors for Battle of the Wilderness in September

Civil War cannon fire will disrupt the peace in Historic Zoar Village during the Civil War Reenactment September 21-22.

The Battle of the Wilderness and Battle of the Mule Shoe come alive at Ohio’s largest and best Civil War Reenactment September 21-22 along the Tuscarawas River

Historic Zoar Village invites reenactors to “invade” the village again this year during their Civil War Reenactment. This year’s event will commemorate the 155th Anniversary of Grant’s 1864 Overland Campaign. “We will reenact the Battle of the Wilderness and the Battle of the Mule Shoe at Spotsylvania,” says committee chair Darrell Markijohn. “We will be using a dense forest for the Wilderness battle and will be constructing earthworks to replicate the Mule Shoe for the Spotsylvania Battle.”

Confederate forces will be led by Major General Gordon Grehe, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia (ANV), while Brigadier General Tim Bills, Commander of the Army of Ohio (AO) will lead the Union army. “We are excited to have these men commanding our troops,” says Markijohn. “Both men are highly skilled and experienced event commanders.”

“We have also added some exciting new civilian features to this year’s event,” says committee chair Darrell Markijohn. “We have teamed up with Camp Tuscazoar and the Buckeye Scout Council and will be offering BSA Scouts the opportunity to earn an American Heritage Merit Badge if they attend the weekend event.” Other highlights of the event include a Saturday night Civil War Ball, artillery night fire, sutlers, food vendors and museum tours for the public.

On Friday, September 20, the village will host Civil War School Day, when students learn about the Civil War life on the battlefield and on the home front through interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. “All public, private, and homeschool students are invited, and we can always use help from reenactors with that event, as well,” says Markijohn.

Reenactors can register and access a detailed schedule at www.zoarcivilwar.com and more information can be obtained at zoarcivilwar@gmail.com. For information on the Boy Scouts or school program, call 330-874-3011.

About Historic Zoar Village

Historic Zoar Village (www.historiczoarvillage.com) was founded by German Separatists in 1817 and thrived as a communal settlement for more than 80 years. Today, the village is home to approximately 75 families living in homes built from 1817 to present. Zoar’s historical district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and listed as a National Historic Landmark District. Dozens of village structures have been painstakingly preserved through the collaborative efforts of the Zoar Community Association and the Ohio History Connection.