Never As Great As 68

Andrew Edmonds comes of age in this novel of light-hearted fun and intrigue that is filled with Southern charm. A student at North Central High School, Andrew alternates between his job at a local grocery store and surfing at the beaches around Charleston, South Carolina. The rest of his time is taken up with trying to solve several mysteries and wooing a beautiful Mormon girl. The soundtrack of the story is the greatest hits of that era. Southern heritage is served up with a generous helping of soul food, boiled peanuts, and plenty of chopped celery. The music, surfing, girlfriends/dating, summer jobs, race relations, Charleston history, the war, and even a treasure hunt, all told from the perspective of s teenage boy between graduation and college. This was a fun read with characters and locations that could be found in any town. The sound track mentioned within the various chapters prompted numerous flashbacks in which I could see old acquaintances and remember certain situations from those days. Sweet memories for sure! The music of that period was indeed impressive. Learning that the author & I had grown up in the same area just a few years apart really brought the book events to life.

Title: Never As Great As 68

Author: Andrew Edmonds

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 287

Price: $14.99

Soft Cover